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TV & Filming Appearances

 So far this year we have taken part in the #cannesheels debate with a stint on BBC Radio 4 talking about the High Heel poicy of life! (wear suppleArches would be my tip.)
And lots of articles in lots of publications for Feet for Life week June. 
Always busy with lots of Media requests. 2014 we have featured on This Morning and BBC News articles on summer and Bigger feet. I have been an author with articles on Parkinsons, contributed to the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Good Housekeeping  magazine and BBC Radio 2 with the fabulous Simon Mayo. It really is fun to be able to talk feet in all types of settings!
One of the highlights was being involved with the Science Council to promote Podiatry as a career at the STEM events.Being inspired by all things Science at the Guild Hall with countless teenagers was a treat.
2015 will be no different we have no doubt.
Summer 2014 and This Morning ITV 
  This Morning film crew into ask us questions about all things feet to assist Dr Hilary as he ran Summer health clinics from Benidorm!   
Interviewed for Diabetes Documentary Feet First to aired on Freeview and Sky January 2013
With Focus PR and CCS cream we spent the day filming at The College of Podiatry, a ten minute segment for a 30 minute documentary on the extraordinary challenges of looking after those living with Diabetes and the effect on their feet.
Thanks to Diabetes UK, the impact of Diabetes report published in April 2012 the facts are vast and hard hitting. We currently spend 9.8 billion pounds on the complications of Diabetes. Of this we spend £3billion on the complications affecting feet. It is estimated that 72% of this £3billion is Preventable by podiatric and medical care.
My thanks  to Dr Campbell Wareham, FCPodS, Dr Lisa Schoene, DPM and Lorraine Jones Chair of the College of Podiatry PR committee in bringing together expertise and great content.
Featured in April  2012 Episode 7 Embarassing Bodies Channel 4. Series 5.
Lovely chap with familial (inherited) plantar and palmar hyperkeratosis.
A recurring condition that needs regular careful debridement of the hard skin (callus).
Top tips: Scrub daily with a bristle brush to keep the hard skin clean, moisturise with a good foot cream eg Supple London Mineral Foot CreamTM and be Shoe and insole Savvy.
We issued this chap with Quattro sandals

Our chap was filmed attending the Dermatologist and a DNA specialist who declared
it  extremely rare.
We disagree, we see it regularly and can help a great deal. it was a shame our part was not featured but our pleased to have been able to help.    
August 2011 Embarassing Bodies filming at Supplefeet Enfield
Treated a client all the way from Middle England to sort out his feet. due to be aired Jan 2012. 
June 2011 Embarassing Bodies, Live from the Clinic episode 2 and 6

introduced the nation to the term "windswept bunions!" 3,000 questions sent in to Dr Pixie and Emma Supple on feet and other concerns in the online webchat


Miss Emma Supple appeared on BBC Breakfast

Miss Emma Supple talked about high heels with inbuilt cushioning by Nike. Recommended Scholl Party Feet, both the heel pads and the forefoot cushions in combination.


Miss Emma Supple appeared on GMTV to talk about High Heels



9th June 2006 - Miss Emma Supple appeared on GMTV to talk about Bunions and shoes

Miss Emma Supple was asked to appear on GMTV, ITV 1, UK on Friday 9th June 2006.

The interview started out as reaction to Victoria Beckhams’ bunion but ended as more of a piece on summer shoes and comfort. 

She was asked to buy 4 pairs of shoes, 3 in the “good” category and one in the “bad” category for models to wear and therefore discuss. She bought a pair of Gabor in the “good” category from Pearson's department store in Enfield. Black, sleeved to the big toe with a foot bed at £45.99. They were chosen as they are a comfortable, stylish shoe that could camouflage a bunion joint if necessary and went with the current fashion theme of roman/gladiators.



Episode 6 - Miss Emma Supple and Virginia Moore appear on Channel 4's Ten Year's Younger programme.

Eileen received a foot treatment called a PodPed™ which combined both podiatric medical care and a beauty appointment with a pedicurist. The podiatrist first assesses, treats and advises on foot care, and then this is followed by a full luxury PamperPedicure.