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My toenails are thick, yellow and crumbly

If toenails start to take on a yellowed, crumbly appearance then this may be a fungal infection taking hold. Over time this can lead to thickened, discoloured, infected toenails that slowly spreads to all the toenails. Seek treatment advice from a Supplefeet chiropodist & podiatrist who will advise on nail-care and treatment. Nails can be painlessly smoothed and planed down.

Remedies: In the early stages use a fungal nail cream to cure the infection. Nailstat™ (available from Supplefeet) is an effective treatment for early fungal infections in toenails.

Treatments can also include nail paints such as Tripod Clearstat but the most effective cure is a drug called Terbinafine (Lamisil®) which is prescribed from a doctor and acts to destroy the fungal infection. You may be asked to have a blood test to check your liver whilst taking this drug. It is important to complete the course, approximately 8 -12 weeks, it then takes at least a year for the nail to look normal again as it grows back, free of infection.

During the period when the nail is regrowing the cream Nailstat™ is a useful adjunct to prevent further infections taking hold.  Book in for a Toenail Treatment for £25 at Supplefeet. Nails gently thinned down, cut back and as much of the fungal infection removed as we can physically to allow the Nailstat to do its work.