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 Mineral Foot Cream
For softer supple feet, minerals, plant waxes & vit E in a formulation by Emma Supple 
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Shoes & Sandals

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Yoga Sandals in Black

  • Great shoe for pedicures - can use them as integral part of the pedicure so you can 'paint-and-go'
  • Help re-align foot position and therefore balance and posture can be helped with the unique design
  • Separating out the toes to aid overall foot function
  • Highly recommended to strengthen the deep muscles of the feet and make feet more Supple!
  • Clinically useful in treating Bunions, Hallux Limitus and curly toes  
  • Can bring relief from Morton's Neuroma (trapped nerve)
  • Highly recommended for juvenile hallux valgus (childrens bunions) and dancers feet


Delighted to report that we have these back in stock! All the way from trusted factory in Indonesia. Through Southampton port and housed in our Hertford warehouse. It takes a team! 

Please call or order online  0208 367 9292 for secure and speedy ordering. We have Small to Extra Large which means we have size 3 to 10. we find the sizes are approximate so do ask if you are concerned on sizes.

You may have guessed that each toe is well supplied with tendons, ligaments and muscles (lumbricals and interossei if you must know) but rarely get a chance to move as we stuff them into all manner of narrow fitting, shoes, thus inhibiting natural and normal foot function.

The Yoga Sandals are uniquely designed to enable all toes to perform optimally functionally, as good as barefoot. Because each toe is anchored into the Yoga Sandal the foot is well supported and your posture is also complemented by the contoured instep, which can help to improve the stability of the body. The Yoga Sandals relieve pressure on the instep and help gently splay the toes thus easing any pressure on the metatarsals and the nerves. Often a common problem is pressure on the digital nerves (neuromas including Morton's Neuroma) and this painful and debilitating condition can be greatly relieved by regular wearing of these Yoga Sandals.


For Pedicures

The Yoga Sandal is a clever, useful shoe for the beauty salon or spa. The ingenious and unique design allows pedicures and toenail treatments to be carried out easily and effectively, without having to wait for the polish to dry. This is achieved by the four inbuilt toe separators, which spread the toes and allows polish to be applied while the Yoga Sandal is still on the foot. Sturdy and comfortable enough for everyday wear, the Yoga Sandals can be put on right before the toenails are polished, then allowing you to leave immediately, getting on with your day. 'Pedicures To Go!'

If you are not sure which size would be best for you, measure the length of your foot from tip of big toe to heel in centimeters, add 2-3 cm and select your size.

Sandal Size: Take these as a Guideline 

  UK Size Length
Small: 2-4 24.5cm
Medium: 5-6 26cm
Large: 7-8 27cm
Extra-Large: 9-10 


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