Home Testing Kit for Fungal Infections

Simple home testing kit for fungal infections with results in a few days.

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  • Simple test kit
  • Results in a few days - do dispose of carefully please. 

Not sure if you have a fungal nail infection, you can now test simply at home. All you need is in the ‘InTray’ kit. The Tray provides a simple colour test for the detection of fungi - yellow to red. 

The tray is designed to test for Dermatophytes which are a unique group of fungi that can invade the hair, skin and nails. Around 1 in 4 people have a fungal infection in the UK. 


- Pull back the label, remove and discard seal
- Place scrapping or sample from nail in tray
- Reseal label, incubate at room temperature for a few days; then read the results directly in the tray
- As fungi grows, the medium turns red within 2 - 6 days

NOTE: The color change from yellow to red is an indication that a fungal growth is present within the medium. Dispose of tray once the results have been read. 

My tray is showing Red, what should I do now? 

If your tray is showing a positive result, then you need treatment for a fungal infection. Go and see you GP or look at the treatments available on our web site such as Tripod Nailstat

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