Hydroheel Blister Protection

Hydroheel - skin-friendly hydrocolloid shaped for happy heels

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The hydrocolloid is an exceptional pressure-sensitive skin adhesive, with the immediate adhesion building strength over time. Hydrocolloids are well known for their capability to absorb large amounts of fluid while maintaining a cohesive structure and adhesive bond to the skin. This quality enables hydrocolloid to perform well in humid conditions and absorb large amounts of localised fluid, for example from a blister.

This kind of elastomeric adhesive also displays excellent resistance to creep and shear, demonstrating its high viscoelastic components.

HydroHeel is a skin-friendly hydrocolloid sheet to prevent friction and is shaped to effectively protect the heel.

HydroTape is the simple, flexible and effective way to combat friction points anywhere on your skin. It can be used on hands - fingers, thumbs and palms, and feet - heels and toes. Being able to cut HydroTape off-the-roll to your required length is a huge comfort benefit to a wide range of people including runners, rowers and cyclists.

Clinical benefits of HydroHeel and HydroTape are:

  • Prevent blister formation
  • Reduce skin friction
  • Help prevent skin breakdown
  • Help minimise skin trauma
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