I do a lot of running and have started experiencing pain in my knee, would wearing insoles help?

In podiatry, specialist insoles are called orthotics. They are prescribed after a clinical examination and do more than just relieve sore feet.

For many years it was thought that the only use for orthotics was in reducing foot pain. About 25 years ago it was discovered that changing the foot position of long-distance runners could reduce their susceptibility to knee pain. That uncovered a whole new realm of treatment with problems in the ankles, knees and hips being helped by addressing improper foot position.

Biomechanical problems in the feet can set off a chain reaction of imbalances that heap stress upon other body parts less able to handle them. While that added stress can accompany even everyday activities, it's greater during athletic pursuits; running exerts an impact of two to four times a person's body weight, compared with walking, one and a half times.

Orthotics help hold the feet in proper alignment, thereby providing a stable foundation for the rest of the body. Even if you have no complaints of foot pain, poor foot position might first show up as pain in the hips, knees or lower back.

If you think you would benefit from orthotics, contact Supplefeet for a foot and leg assessment including gait analysis with our latest high tech equipment. The examination takes into account shoes, activities and foot type. For instance, you may just need orthotics for playing golf or you may need them in your gardening boots.

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Supplefeet works with podiatrists with experience of treating the elite athlete. We also work with our Osteopath on a combined approach to best podiatry and physiotherapy care.

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