Privacy Policy

The Supplefeet privacy policy has been designed to protect your information. Like all organisations we appreciate the sensitivity of the data we hold and go to great lengths to safeguard both you and your personal data.

Disclosure of information
Supplefeet complies with and is registered under the Data Protection act in the United Kingdom and takes all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data.

The details that we use to provide or promote our services and products (for example your name, telephone number, or details of the services you use), as well as any information collected from you while you are using this web site, will NOT be given to ANY third party. Your details may sometimes be shared with Supplefeet partners, but only when it is necessary to provide you with products and services you have requested. Our clinical forms enable you to opt out of communicating with your designated General Practitioner if you do not wish us to contact them regarding our management and clinical care. 

Supplefeet take web security very seriously. Supplefeet uses SSL 'Secure Socket Layer' encryption, which means any sensitive data you submit to Supplefeet, will be encrypted prior to transmission. You should be aware, however, that older browsers couldn’t use SSL. To be sure, you will need Netscape version 4.05 or Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers, version 4 or above.

Personal information
You don't need to register to use the Supplefeet website. A registration feature will shortly be implemented that will give you the option to create a profile, and then enter a login name and a password. This will enable you to book and alter appointments on line.

Any details you provide will be stored for use on future visits. The details you give us may be combined with information about your use of the Supplefeet website and information from other Supplefeet records in order to:

  • Help you to get more out of your visits to the Supplefeet web site.
  • Save you having to re-enter static information
  • Provide you with additional on-line services
  • Keep you updated with Supplefeet publications & promotions

Once you have submitted information to Supplefeet we will treat you as having consented to our using your personal data in the manner described in this Policy. Supplefeet will not give your details to any third party organisation.

Email addresses
Supplefeet fully respects the privacy of customer e-mail addresses, which are stored in a secure location on the Supplefeet database. We do not use this information excessively and do not participate in junk mail activities. Your details will not be given to any third party.

We will however use e-mail to send you messages about your appointments and customer service issues. We may also from time to time use e-mail to keep you up to date with news about special promotions and marketing activities, as well as anything you show an interest in, either online, or through other contact with Supplefeet. You will find an option to remove this service by ticking the appropriate box when you submit your information.

Third party sites
Any third party Internet sites that you link to through communication with Supplefeet are not covered by our Privacy or legal policy, we therefore advise you to treat any information that you submit to these sites under their own respective privacy policies. Supplefeet can accept no responsibility or liability for these sites.

Contacting Supplefeet
Should you wish to remove your details or cease to receive promotional correspondence please contact us on 020 8367 9292 or email.

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