Fees for Podiatry & Chiropody services 

We are able to offer a full range of Podiatric care.

Supplefeet Services - Please call 020 8367 9292 for to make an appointment:

 First  appt (General Foot Treatment/Chiropody) 
Please note we require this first appointment  to be paid in advance. Full cancellation refund if minimum 24 hours notice  is given.                                                                                                                                                                                                    At this appointment we will assess and advise on the presenting condition and carry out treatment. Usually in the form of general care to Toenails, Corns and Callus formations. Other issues of concern such as Ingrowing toenails, fungal nail infections are addressed within this appointment type.  

First appointment  £50


General Foot Treatment  (GFT)                                                                                                                                              

Our General  Foot Care appointment. This includes toenail care, Corns and Callus management. 


The PodPed - our Flagship Treatment of a combined appointment with a Podiatrist and Pedicurist. (Please allow 90 mins for this appointment and do remember to bring your flipflops or Yoga sandals) 

Please note First appointment fee is applicable - required paid in advance to secure the appointment

 First appointment £75

follow ups £64

Toenail Trim (TNT) as advised by Podiatrist after your first appointment.   £30
Routine Dressing appointment   £25

First Podiatric Diabetic Assessment appointment - includes Vascular and Neurological assessment. Please note we require this to be paid in advance. Full cancellation refund if minimum 24 hrs notice is given.  We also require all Diabetic clients to undergo an annual assessment  to include Vascular/Neurological/Podiatry assessments as part of our ongoing management.  This annual appointment is also charged at £60

First  Verruca Treatment and Follow ups (Please note our first appointment terms and conditions) . Assessment, treatment and application of management of choice. (We often use Duofilm or Siver nitrate in these appointments.)  £25
Dressing Appointment  £25
Advanced Wound dressing appointments eg Diabetic Ulcer management   £40
Advanced Podiatry Consultation Appointment. (not with Miss Supple) This appointment is for Foot & ankle  concerns and resultant  issues that are MSK (musculoskeletal based)  and are not simply addressed by general footcare. Eg Heel Pain. Neuroma and unexplained foot and ankle pain.  £60
First Consultation with Miss Supple   £110
Follow up Review appointments / General Footcare with Miss Supple  £75

EMS follow up appointment - please allow half an hour (Block of six is £180 in a period of no more three months )  

 £35 per session - or block of six treatments is £180
Bespoke Orthotics -  (cast, prescription, orthotics, fitting and review)
Please note -A deposit of £150 is taken for bespoke orthotics and the balance is payable at fitting appointment.
 from £330
Nail Surgery - includes surgery, local anaesthetic, dressings and follow up appointments.
- Please Note - a deposit to secure a surgical slot will be taken on the nail surgery booking of £150 and the balance payable after the procedure. This is fully refundable if the cancellation is outside of our 24 hour cancellation policy.
 from £310
Ready Made Insole Orthotics - we carry a wide range of various OTC devices from £20 to £75 
Video Motion Studies also available - often used as part of the Podiatry MSK consultation.  
Ostenil Injections (treatment for osteoarthritis)   from £130
Local Anaesthetic as required  £70
Steroid Injections  £120
"Mens MOT" Foot MOT Designed for Men - but of course we can do for anyone! Podiatrist and Pedicurist appointment  (please allow 90 minutes) includes foot and leg massage.                                                                                 Mens Pedicure ( 60 minutes )   £64  / £40                           
Verruca Dry Needling Appointment under Local anaesthetic  (includes LA &  follow up Dressing  appointments)  £180


 Supplefeet Services correct as of 2nd May 2019 

Please note we have an active  Cancellation policy - Missed appointments, or any appointment changed, altered, moved or cancelled for any reason with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at 100%  of the full fee. 

We endeavour to have contacted you prior to your appointment to confirm your attendance.

Clients who are more than 15 minutes late for their appointment may have their appointment cancelled and fully charged. 

Domicillary Visits At Home

We can arrange to visit you at home with a "call out fee" of £20 for up to a three  mile radius of the clinic This payment is in addition to the GFT or TNT fee of £44 and £30 respectively. We are happy to discuss seeing clients further afield.      

In addition, we have pedicurists who will pamper and beautify your feet, and reflexologists in whose skilled hands you may well find relief from many health concerns. To view our foot pampering and luxury treatment click here.

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