Video Biometrics - Gait Analysis

Supplefeet Foot and Ankle Clinic, Enfield have  hi-tech video analysis software and treadmill available. This is excellent for assisting in the  clinical diagnosing  of foot related pain and sports injuries that are MSK or Biomechanical in causation.

Hi-tech solutions to prevent foot, ankle, leg and sports related injuries

Want to get fit? But

  • your knees hurt
  • your shins hurt
  • your back hurts 
  • or your feet hurt?   

Now we can help you solve these problems.

Video Gait Analysis

The foot experts at Supplefeet will use the latest state-of-the-art video analysis equipment together with a hi-tech medical treadmill to analyse your foot and leg function and provide effective immediate treatment. 

Video Analysis

Before and after video evidence can demonstrate the beneficial effects of our techniques.  Watch  for those  Red Flags of pain ! They are  an early warning sign.

Full Gait Lab Analysis

During your consultation , the podiatrist can assess foot, ankle, leg, hip and back biomechanics and that relates to your presenting complaint and symptoms.

They will then be able to use this state-of-the-art equipment to be able to assist in formulating a management plan and course of action to either prevent sports injuries or to help with foot, leg or back pain.

We work closely with our Osteopath George Sotiris on  Biomechanical matters above the foot and ankle.


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