Yoga Sandals

At Supplefeet, we have come to rely upon these fantastic, supple, shoes to alleviate many painful foot conditions. 
We highly recommend the Yoga Sandals.  A Yoga inspired design that separates the toes to improve toe and foot function, help to strengthen the deep muscles of the feet, aid balance and body alignment, thus improving posture. Great for pedicures too.

Clinical uses include: neuromas, bunions, juvenile bunions, dancers feet, hammer and clawed toes, functional hallux limitus, plantar fasciitus and general strengthening for feet.

Black Originals in stock, Small, (3-4) Medium  (5-6) Back in stock. Large (7-8) X Large (9-10) 2XL and 3XL available

Also available in Comfy Black Slipper material, Bhakti version for wider feet, White, Purple and Royal Blue.

New styles, sizes and Colours ( we have been listening) have arrived! 

Highly recommended by Team Supplefeet and Emma Supple.

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