What our patients say

Being in business for so long has meant we have made great friends with our clients.  We have welcomed many over the years and been collecting testimonials in our little book. 

Lots of "walking on airs" lots of "Thank you ", "feet feel lovely" and many different ways to be reminded how important it is to have painfree feet! 

"Love seeing Davina, she cares so much about me and listens."

"Great care as usual. Always a luxury."

As always Emma is a true "star"

I've got happy feet. 

Podiatrist was Brilliant, her concern was about dealing with my treatment and me. Excellent work.

I have moved 50 miles away, but will travel to have treatment by Carole.

Emma - your advice and your Supplearches have improved my walking and will have a huge impact on my life. 

Thorough & informative & well - almost relaxing! 

Amazing treatment from Janet today. My feet feel awesome.

Thank you Carole, my feet applaud your invitation, thank you from the soles upwards, special mention for my little toe!

Lovely happy staff. Always smiling. Good customer service. Definitely recommend.

Great Visit as usual. Excellent support, advice and attention. Thanks a lot. 


Magdelena - you have made me feel great once again , I don't know what I would do without you. I wouldn't be able to work or even walk! You're the best."
Happy Supplefeet
"Brilliant I will be back"
"Excellent service 10/10"
"Thanks everyone! You've helped where no-one else would take my pain seriousl. I will work on getting my plantar fascia like six packs!"
Happy Supplefeet
"first ever visit, a wonderful experience thanks."
"Usual great job done by Claire, toes look and feel lovely!"
“Wonderfully refreshing”
"What a relief to find somebody who knows what they are talking about at last (after 17 years!!) "
“Thanks feet feel much better- see you again”
"Thanks for my new feet and the advice."
“Many thanks for such a superb pedi- as always.”
"Verruca gone, Yippee!!"
Happy supplefeet child !
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