Luxury Pamper Treatments for Your Feet and Beauty

"Beautiful feet are within your reach at Supplefeet"

The Supplefeet specialist pedicures have been designed to bring together quality products, experienced practitioners and podiatric medical expertise.

Our range of pedicures are a luxury experience and with the knowledge of professional podiatry your feet will be transformed. 

Please remember to bring open toed sandals or flip-flops or Yoga Sandals with you to the appointment. 

Supplefeet PodPed™ (90 mins )

A first in Podiatry services. The PodPed™ combines podiatric medical care and a beauty appointment with a pedicurist. A one-stop-shop in foot perfection. The podiatrist assesses, treats and advises on all aspects of footcare. This is followed by a Supplefeet luxury pedicure by an experienced practitioner. 

As featured in Good Housekeeping, Sunday Times Style Magazine and Hello Magazine. 

Supplefeet Luxury Pedicure (60 mins)

Feet are soothed, pampered, massaged and exfoliated to perfection. Using products by OPI, skin is softened, heels smoothed, toenails shaped and cuticles tamed. As a finishing touch, nails are painted in the colour of choice with premium base and top coats to ensure long lasting results.

Supplefeet Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin Wax Treatment (90 mins)

A classic treatment using the power of warm wax to soothe and calm. Feet are coated in layers of wax and wrapped in bootees, the warmth penetrates and eases. As a bonus the skin is left super smooth.

This treatment is particularly good for feet affected by arthritis. 

Supplefeet Paraffin Wax with Foot and Leg Massage (60mins)

Lie back and relax with a foot and lower leg massage after the benefits of the paraffin wax treatment. Intensive moisturising foot creams to hydrate, nourish and treat your feet.

This is especially good after a general chiropody treatment. 

Foot and Leg Massage (30 mins)

Lie back and relax with a foot and lower leg massage. 

Men's MOT

Our feet are expected to take 10,000 steps per day, that’s over 3.5 million steps a year and that is why experts recommend you see a Podiatrist at least once a year.

At Supplefeet, our team of expert clinicians are best placed to diagnose and treat every type of foot problem. You can be assured that a visit to Supplefeet will be beneficial.

Everybody can benefit from a general foot treatment. It ensures all your hard skin is removed, and corns and callus are dealt with, leaving your feet in great condition. For added benefit; append a pedicure to your appointment for that finishing touch, leaving your feet not only healthy but looking great too.

Nail Art

Take the pampering “one step further” and have some nail art. Both big toenails or all the nails can be artistically enhanced with amazing effect. We can even provide the ‘bling!’ - just ask your pedicurist. 

And don't forget those flip flops or better still your Yoga Sandals!

The PodPedTM

Our Flagship Treatment the PodPedTM is for a thorough and complete medical pedicure to transform feet from #soembarassing!  to full glamour.

Assessed and treated by Podiatrist & Pedicurist we bring full expert attention to feet and toes.

Always remembering that these Pampering Treatments make great gifts

The PodPedTM

Woman's PodPed
(please allow a good hour and a half for the full treatment) 
£85 (new patient) then £75
Mens MOT 
( the male version of our PodPed  please allow 90mins)
£85 (new patient) then £75 



Supplefeet Luxury Pedicure
(please allow a good hour for the treatment and don't forget your Yoga sandals)  
Supplefeet Luxury Pedicure with Paraffin wax treatment
(please allow a good hour and a half for this treatment. )

Supplefeet Luxury Pedicure with Gels
( Please allow a good hour and a half for this treatment) For the Cosmetic repair and rebuild  and extension  of individual toenails - damaged etc please do allow an extra £15 per nail. )

Mens Pedicure
( please allow 60 mins)


What's the difference between gel nails and acrylic nails? 

UV gel nail systems offer a light, flexible overlay which is set or cured under a safe UV light and is odourless when applied. The coloured gels with soak off option will give you a manicured or pedicured look that will not smudge or chip for up to four weeks. These  gels tend to work better if you have good nails to start with. Those with problem nails need professional attention to address the nail issues and then create the cosmetic overlay.

At Supplefeet we do not recommend the acrylics as we do not think they are good for nail health or the practitioner - all those solvents are not good for us. They are heavy on the nail, create a brittle substance that can snap and require quite intensive drilling off or infilling. They can of course be grown out. 

Our Beauty Supplefeet team of Jasmin, Claire and Karen are skilled at sorting these out for you.  A reminder that our pedicure instruments are clinically sterilised between patients which is important to know if you have fungal infections etc!


 Foot & Leg Massage
(please allow  30 mins for the treatment ) 
 from £20
 Supplefeet Paraffin Wax and Foot & Leg Massage
(one whole hour of leg and foot treatment bliss)



Reflexology - not available currently.  



We also provide a hot waxing service - not just feet!  just ask our fully qualified Beauty Therapists.

Full Leg £28
Full Leg and Bikini £38
Half Leg £19
Underarm £10
Full Arm £26
Half Arm £17
Bikini £10
Chin/Lip £11


Full Hollywood



Eyebrows and Lashes

Eyebrow Shaping / Tint * £10
Eyelash Tint */Eyebrow tint* £13/£9
 *Patch test is required 24hr prior to treatment.

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