I've got a verruca?

Most children and many adults have verrucas at some time in their lives. They are extremely common and you will hear many ways of getting rid of them! These are warts that appear on the feet and mostly do not cause any discomfort and do disappear over time. It can take years for them to go but they do eventually.However sometimes they do persist, are painful and require treatment from a podiatrist.

Remedies: Treatments include topical ointments gentle acid formulations of combination of lactic acid and Salycylic acid (Duofilm). 

 Occasionally the verruca merits being surgically treated. we have Electrosurgey but this has proved quite ineffective over the years and is painful and smells! So now we continue with topical treatments combined with regular debridement and if necessary and where appropriate we can "Dry Needle" or "Liquidate" the wart that has taken up residence on your foot or feet!  For this we need to use a local anaesthetic. We also can carry out  Blunt dissection under local anaesthetic (similar to electro but without the machine making noises!)

What we do recommend always is that the treatment is not worse than the problem. In other  words if they are not sore do not make them sore. Gentle treatment is best. We recommend Duofilm as above  or Occlusal (£8)  - which has a single acid but in a higher strength - for at home application and clinical debridement.

 Supplefeet Verruca Treatments cost £25 per visit .   

At Supplefeet we recommend taking Selenium and Zinc supplements to boost the immune system responsible for clearing up infections.

N.B. Banana skins are no longer recommended due to the reported incidence of parasitic infections.

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