I've got cracked and dry heels and want to wear sandals this summer, help!

Dry, fissured heels can be very unslightly and a nuisance. They can become sore when the fissures and cracks deepen. The skin on heels is much thicker than normal skin areas and does require creams with extra moisturising ability.


Treatment is regular moisturising of the heels with high urea content foot creams e.g. Our very own Supple Foot cream.


Also use foot files and see a podiatrist to keep the hard skin away. An additional way of maximising benefit from the Calmurid cream is to apply the cream thickly, leave for 10 minutes and wipe off. This way the urea in the cream really gets a chance to work its magic.

Supple Foot cream contains urea, vitamins and minerals , ideal for callused hard skin. The urea plumps up the hard skin and the veil of minerals and vitamins helps to break down the keratin linkages.

Embarrassing foot problems? Ask our resident expert and owner of our Enfield foot and ankle clinic, Emma Supple. 

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