Why do my feet smell?

Feet sweat just like the rest of the body. However if that sweat collects, goes stale it can become a haven for fungal and bacterial infections. Add to this nylon tights and plastic shoes and all can contribute to olfactory assault!

Supplefeet Remedies:

The Supplefeet mantra is a Simple four step programme.

  1.   Wash and scrub feet daily. Anti-bacterial soap is best or hot soapy water with a bristle brush.
  2.   Apply a great foot cream ie Supple London The Mineral Foot Cream 
  3.  Spray with antiperspirant if prone to sweaty feet.
  4.  Wear open toed sandals eg Yoga Sandals to allow feet to be comfortable and get the air to the toes  

Good foot hygiene is the basis.

Wash feet daily and dry well. Apply a dedicated foot cream  Supple London cream daily, even for sweaty feet as this helps condition the skin on the foot.

It really is importnat to nourish the skin and foot skin is super special. That is why I put in my Supple cream minerals and vitamins to help skin properly. 

Use deodorant spray daily: e.g. Driclor antiperspirant roll-on for designed for excessively sweaty feet. 

If it persists do seek the advice of a Supplefeet  podiatrist to treat potential fungal and bacterial problems.

Embarrassing foot problems? Ask our resident expert and owner of our Enfield foot and ankle clinic, Emma Supple. 

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