Article in Marie Claire reviewing SuppleArches and Perfect Heel Height

Article written by Anita Bhagwandas 

Marie Claire June 2016 

In this article this journalist has spoken to several experts in their field - including me- to discuss feet, high heels and how to manage them.

It is a well written, well researched and fair piece. I sent her a pair of SuppleArches to try and was delighted to see her write up on how they have helped her.

Feet First  Painful, ugly, cracked? if your feet are letting you down, it's time to show them who's boss.

 So, what's the healthiest way to wear heels ? 

"Match the  heel height  to your activity," says podiatrist Emma Supple. "if you're standing for hours, lower the heel height. If it's just an hour or so, you can wear the higher ones." 

And Supple has also devised a genius method for picking your ideal heel height: "Sit on a chair barefoot and extend a leg straight in front of you. With your leg stretched out and the knee supported, make an imaginary line from the heel to the ground. If your foot is at a right angle to your outstretched leg and does not dangle, you have a low ankle-joint axis and will be more comfortable in flats. If your foot points down , you need to measure the distance between the top of your big toe and an imaginary line from the bottom of your heel . This is the right heel height for you. Measure it against your favourite shoes - I can almost guarantee the heel height will match it." she says.

Supple also recommends a heel "warm down", post wearage . "Steal this foot-strengthening exercise from the Royal Ballet. They ask ballerinas to arch their toes , elevate the foot and put it down 20-40 times, daily, " she says. 


They suggest I see an orthotics specialist to talk about why I'm getting foot pain and calluses. So I visit Kirk Johnson, at Special Footwear in London.  he watches me walk and immediately says I'm spending too long in the pronation period, and my arch needs support. "Your foot is basically wobbling from side to side. That means your entire foot is trying to stabilise itself, which could be causing the pain and hard skin." I tell him I try to wear soft shoes, like Uggs, to help my feet , but he says that's not the issue. "We're told to focus on the softness of the inside of a shoe- and it's actually the opposite (of what we should be looking for). You need to be supported by a firm insole."        

The premium insoles cost over £300, but last for around five years, so, for serious issues, they're worth it. But I decide to try SuppleFeet Arches, £20, instead. The difference is palpable- my feet just feel more secure. And after a week, those calluses seem less angry. I'm more convinced than ever that foot health should be part of our weekly beautification regime. My feet look and feel better . But above all - armed with a little more knowledge- I've started to want to care for them. 

Dearest feet, it's over - I'll never squish you into another pair of too-small vintage shoes again.



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