How To Keep Feet Healthy

Always remember the Supplefeet simple rules to look after your feet - after all they deserve it! 

  • Scrub feet well and daily (simply soap suds on the shower won't do!)
  • Use a great foot moisturiser -Supple London The Mineral Foot Cream
  • Be Shoe Savvy - Obey the Law of the Perfect Heel Height!
  • Keep Feet Strong - do your arch exercises and develop strength in your feet.
  • Wear Yoga Sandals around the house instead of slippers. They help exercise feet, strengthen and are super comfortable once you have got used to them.
  • Supple London The Mineral Foot Cream  (high urea content)
  • Change shoes and socks frequently

At Supplefeet our clinicians can treat and advise on all aspects of Chiropody and Podiatry care. Best to get a professional opinion sooner rather than later - damage is done when we walk through pain.

9 out of 10 people experience foot problems in their lifetime. The foot is an amazing structure, but like all great designs has some important structural requirements that if go unsupported for long lengths of time, will start to cause problems.

So see a podiatrist before problems start. Bring your children to start treatments as early as possible. Get advice from your podiatrist about family history of foot problems and how they affect you (e.g. crossed over toes, bunions, flat feet etc.)

Remember, you get two sets of teeth and only one pair of feet for a lifetime.

Look after them - take them to Supplefeet
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