How to decrease the pain of Bunions?

Bunions are an inherited condition that cause the leaning-in of the big toe joint metatarsal. The best way to prevent bunions is to choose different parents! As the structure imperfections that are responsible for creating bunions are passed down in your genes. These can either develop in childhood or later on as an adult. However, there are solutions to aid with decreasing the pain and it's symptoms. One of these solutions would be to choose shoes with care. Going to see a podiatrist to get your feet properly fitted for orthotics, these will slow the imbalances responsible for them. There is surgical correction such as Paula Radcliffe's as an option which can be very successful.

There are usually two types of pain associated with this foot condition - bump pain and joint pain.

"Bump pain" happens when wearing tight-fitting shoes, in order to relieve this you should think about changing the style of the shoe as well as wearing shoe insoles which will take the weight off the front of the foot. Whereas "joint pain" is more troublesome, coming about because of the arthritic cartilage changes within the joint.

Before you consider surgical correction, trying to implement small changes to protect and support feet as the bunion gradually develops is the more ideal remedy. At SuppleFeet we focus on strengthening the five deep layers of muscles of the feet that easily become weak, using our Yoga Sandals that separate every toe for this purpose. As well as our yoga sandals we also look at all shoes and recommend a variety of shoes, including dance shoes, espadreilles, perfect heel height and shoes for sport, using insoles are required.

edited 08/12/2021

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