The Best Way to Cut Your Toe Nails

Our professional advice to keep your toenails in good condition;

Toenails should be cut straight across using toenail clippers. Scissors are not a good tool to use on your toenails. Files are helpful at ensuring a smooth edge to the newly trimmed toenail. Our general rule is to never cut down the sides of a nail as this can encourage ingrowing toenails.

Toenails can thicken over time. These can be very difficult to cut and manage. Our Supplefeet chiropodists and podiatrists can debride, smooth and thin down thickened nail plates painlessly.

If you do develop an ingrowing toenail this can be very uncomfortable. Always consult a podiatrist and you may require an operation under local anaesthetic to take away the portion of nail that is irritating the nail bed. This is usually a permanent solution to the problem.

Regular and appropriate toenail care is a pleasant and transformative way to keep your feet in good health. And whilst we are sorting out your toenails we can have a chat about any other foot problems that may be concerning you.

Emma Supple  

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