Emtrix - Fungal Nail Treatment

A Supplefeet hero product. Easy to use, clinically proven to make a positive difference to nails affected and infected by fungal infection or psoriasis.

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  • Developed by a team of dermatologists in Sweden and based on 15 years plus of targeted research, Emtrix® is a new and innovative fungal nail treatment which is clinically proven to rapidly improve the appearance of fungal nails with studies including over 500 patients.
  • It normalises thickened nails. --- Reduces discolouration --- and is odourless and free from preservatives
  • Based on a unique patented composition of Urea, Lactic Acid and Propylene Glycol. ( Softening and Penetrating Anti-Fungal Action )
  • Emtrix's unique silicon tip one-way valve applicator along with the nail-penetrating formula absorbs directly through the nail to rapidly restore nail colour, normalise thickened nails, and restore healthy nail appearance.
  • Easy to Use, once daily with no filing necessary ---- No 1 selling Over the Counter Products in its category in the US
  • Safe to use for Diabetics and pregnant women
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