Full Length Interpod Insoles

Great for tired feet and arch support

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  • Great for tired feet and arch support
  • Relief from Foot strain, Heel and Arch pain
  • Helps relieve pain in the big toe joint
  • Cushioning helps treat shin splints
  • Adjust excessively pronated foot position

A full-length, hard-wearing but cushioning insole gives support to the length of the foot.

Well-designed podiatry insole to ease foot strain and bring about everyday comfort in broad-fitting shoes. 

The design features include high technology shock-absorbing material with an anti-slip base, thus reducing shearing and torsional stresses. And a broad-based heel cup, support into the arch and a plantar fascial groove to allow for the full natural function of the plantar fascia (the all-important windlass mechanism). 

Used at Supplefeet for Trainers, Walking boots and Wellingtons. ( Remember to remove the original shoe or trainer insole where possible.) 

  • Small: UK Shoe Size  3-4
  • Medium: UK Shoe Size 5-6
  • Large: UK Shoe Size 7-8
  • X-Large: UK Shoe Size 9-10
  • XX-Large: UK Shoe Size 11-12
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